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(EEAP) Boiler and Chiller Study II at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas. Volume II

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The following assumptions and estimates were used in the modeling of the existing buildings which are served by the boilers and chillers included in this study. 1 The Trace 600 weather data for San Antonio, Texas was used in all of the computer simulations. 2 The Trace 600 computer simulations were performed for the months of January through December to determine annual HVAC equipment energy consumptions. 3 A special holiday schedule was created to incorporate the additional holidays that military personnel living in the area 1300 barracks buildings receive. This schedule includes the seven standard holidays plus the period from December 17 through 31. The standard seven day holiday schedule was used for all other areas. 4 All building dimensions and construction data were determined from as-built drawings when available, or from field measurements taken during the site visit. 5 Design room temperatures for comfort conditions thermostat setpoints were obtained from CEMP-E 9 December 1991 Chapter 13, Section 3. These temperatures were 78 deg F, 50 relative humidity for cooling and 70 deg F for heating. No cooling or heating temperature setback control was included in the simulations. The design room conditions for the hospital were determined as follows Surgery Critical Care 68 deg F, 55 Ancillary 72 deg F, 50 Nursing Patient Care 76 deg F, 50 and Computer Room 72 deg F, 50. 6 The shading coefficient for all windows with interior shading devices was estimated at 0.67 per ASHRAE data. 7 The number of people in each building or room was estimated from interviews with post personnel or field notes taken during the site visit. The sensible and latent heat gain rates used for the people in each room were taken from ASHRAE data.

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