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Limited Energy Study, Buildings 750 and 798, Fort Richardson, Alaska.

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The purpose of this study is to identify and evaluate Energy Conservation Opportunities EGOs for two motor pool facilities, Buildings 750 and 798, to determine their energy savings potential, economic feasibility, and to document results for possible future funding. Buildings 750 and 798 are heated by steam supplied from a central plant. The central plant uses natural gas as a primary fuel source to produce steam for both heating and electrical energy generation. Since power is produced on the base there is not a demand charge for electrical energy. The utility rates were given as 0.0633KWH 18.55MBtu for electricity and 7.0693klb 5.276MBtu for steam. The cost of natural gas varies as a function of the quantity consumed. Two ECOs examined the use of natural gas in conjunction with steam as a method of heating the buildings. In these instances, the cost of natural gas was approximately 0.29CCF 2.84MBtu. Annual baseline energy consumption and cost data for each building is presented in Table ES-i. The combined energy costs for these two motor pools is approximately 175,000 per year. The heating system in Building 750 was found to be severely under capacity. This is the result of the disabling of the under-floor heating system and the roof top MAUs. Building 798 also has had the under-floor heating system disabled. However, baseline simulations show that the remaining system is capable of maintaining thermostat setpoints during all but the coldest days of a typical year.

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