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Energy Conservation Investment Program FY95 Limited Energy Study for the Area 'A' Package Boiler Holston Army Ammunition Plant Kingsport, Tennessee.

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In March 1995, Affiliated Engineers SE, Inc. AESE was retained by the Mobile District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to perform a Limited Energy Study for Holston Army Ammunition Plant, Kingsport, Tennessee. The field survey of existing conditions was completed in May 1995. The results of this field survey were subsequently tabulated and used to generate single line building drawings on Autocad. This report summarizes the results obtained from this field investigation and the analysis of various alternative Energy Conservation Opportunities ECOs. To develop the field data into various alternative ECO concepts or models, we utilized an Excel spreadsheet to tabulate and compare energy consumption, installation and operating costs for various ECOs. These ECOs were then analyzed for suitability for the Energy Conservation Investment Program ECIP using the governments software package called Life Cycle Cost in Design LCCID. The Scope of Work developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers gave the following tasks 1 Perform a field survey to gather information on existing operating conditions and equipment at Hoiston Army Ammunition Plant, Area A. 2 Perform a field survey to gather information on existing boilers laid away at Volunteer Army Ammunition Plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 3 Provide a list of suggested ECOs. 4 Analyze ECOs using the LCCID program. 5 Perform savings to investment ratio SIR calculation. 6 Rank ECOs per SIRs. 7 Provide information on study assumptions and document equations used in calculations. 8 Perform Life Cycle Cost Analysis. 9 Perform Synergism Analysis. 10 Calculate EnergyCost Ratios. 11 Calculate BenefitCost Ratios. 12 Provide documentation in the form of Project Development Brochures PDBs and DD Form 1391.

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