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Army Science Conference Proceedings, 12-15 June 1990, Volume 2: Principal Authors G-M

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The 17th Army Science Conference was held at the Omni Durham Hotel and Convention Center, Durham, North Carolina, 12-15 June 1990. The conference presented a cross section of the many significant scientific and engineering programs carried out by the Department of the Army DA. Additionally it provided an opportunity for DA civilian and military scientists and engineers to present the results of their research and development efforts before a distinguished and critical audience. These Proceedings of the the 1990 Army Science Conference are a compilation of all papers presented at the conference and the supplemental papers that were submitted. Partial Contents Validation and application of a rotor acoustic prediction computer program Induction of enhanced strains of a thermophile that synthesizes an OPA anhydrase effective in hydrolyzing 4-Nitrophenyl esters of phenylphosphinate Hybrid approaches for spread spectrum COMINT Optical associative memory based on binary phase algebra and the inner product architecture Biodegradation of energetic materials Soldier performance research project--Armor field and SIMNET tests Identification of a novel cytokine induced effector molecule involved in the intracellular destruction of Leishmania, Franciscella and Plasmodium Sporozites--Nitric oxide Protection from ricin toxicity by Brefeldin A Development of topically applied anti inflammatory agents for treating acute pulpal inflammation in combat situations Supercomputers simulation of supersonic viscous flow over pointed, spherical, and flat tipped shell Characterization of the catalytic site for G agent hydrolysis using electron paramagnetic resonance Vulnerability analysis of protective structures using probabilistic methods Optically controlled dielectric resonator oscillator for millimeter wave applications Does OPTEMPO increase unit readiness An objective answer A Coxiella burnetii repetitive DNA element with potential diagnostic and mutagenic capabilitie

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  • Military Operations, Strategy and Tactics
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