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Source Removal Report for the Remediation of Contaminated Soils at the Old Burn Area (Site 11), Savannah Air National Guard Base, Savannah International Airport, Savannah, Georgia. Volume 3.

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Final rept.

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A meeting was held at the Old Burn Area Site 11, Savannah Air National Guard ANG Base, Savannah, Georgia, on April 9, 1997, to conduct the Final Inspection of the remedial actions conducted at the site between January 6, 1997, and March 8, 1997. The Final Inspection was conducted by representatives from the Savannah ANG, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, the independent construction oversight representative from PEER Consultants, P.C. PEER, and the construction contractor AER and their subcontractor Soil Safe, Inc.. Final Inspection attendees are listed in Attachment A The remediation activities at Site 11 included the excavation of contaminated soil in two areas, treatment of excavated soils by incorporation in soil cement, backlling the excavations, and restoring with sod. Site remediation activities were completed on March 8, 1997. During the Final Inspection, a walk-over was conducted at the two excavation areas. The majority of the sod appeared to be well established, green and healthy in most areas. Watering of the sod was still being conducted by Soil Safe. A few small areas of brown andor dead sod were observed around the perimeter of the site however, Major Eaddy Savannah ANG, Bill Sherrod Gulfstream, and Lori Melroy PEER concurred that the remaining sod and native cover would rapidly replace the damaged area. Paul Lewczyk Soil Safe agreed to leave the water hoses in place for a few additional weeks so that the Gulfstream personnel could continue watering the sod to ensure its continued growth. Lori Melroy requested that AER provide a certificate of destruction for the excavated soil upon receipt from Soil Safe for inclusion in the Closure Report to be prepared by PEER.

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  • Water Pollution and Control
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