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Directory of Polish Officials: A Reference Aid

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This edition of the Directory of Polish Officials supersedes LDA 87-10997, produced in April 1987. It identifies individuals who hold positions in selected party, government, economic, scientific, and other public organizations. It also provides a guide to the internal structure of some of these organizations. Dates of Information. The date an individual either assumed or was first identified in a position is listed in the position column. Dates of birth are listed in the birth column for selected officials. The Polish language uses the Latin alphabet with the addition of a variety of diacritics to indicate pronunciation. This directory, however, omits all diacritics. It follows the system authorized by the US Board on Geographic Names for transliteration of place names, except in instances where another word is more easily recognized and commonly used, such as voivodship instead of wojewsdztwo. Personal Names. Polish names consist of a family name and a given name. A surname ending in the suffix-ski is changed to -ska for women. This publication lists the full name of each individual whenever it is known. The family name appears first in bold type, followed by the given name. In rare instances a family name consists of a double name that appears in a hyphenated form or as two words. Additional Directory Entries. The directory includes political party affiliation for each individual whenever it is known or can be assumed by the position held. It also lists some academic degrees and military, police, security, and ecclesiastical ranks. The names of organizational components are standardized. Street addresses, transliterated names are provided for some organizations. Many economic and commercial organizations are listed by a cable designation or by a commonly known transliterated name.

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