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Efforts to Enhance the Properties of Conventional Elevated Temperature Cure Epoxy Resin Systems by Exposing Them to 1250 to 8800 Oersted Magnetic Fields while Thermally Curing Them.

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Final rept. Jul 88-Apr 95,

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To determine if enhancements to the properties of fully conventionally cured, conventional epoxy resin systems could be generated by thermally curing them while simultaneously exposing them to economically generated magnetic fields was this efforts objective. Stoichiometric mixes of mPDA, MDA, PACM-20, and Tonox curing agents with EPON 830 were used. They were thermally cured with one of these profiles 20 hours at 210 deg F 99 deg C, 5 hours at 250 deg F 121 deg C, and 4 hours at 300 deg F 149 deg C. While being thermally cured, they were also exposed to magnetic fields of strengths between 1250 Oersted 0.1250 Tesla and 8800 Oersted 0.8800 Tesla. Magnetic field exposed and control specimens were simultaneously generated from the same epoxy resin system in each experimental run of this effort. The resulting specimens were mechanically and thermally tested to find any differences in the significant properties of those cast exposed to a magnetic field relative to those cast as controls. This effort determined that under no reasonable conditions of elevated temperature cure and economically generated magnetic fields were there any modifications to the relevant properties of magnetic field exposed, fully thermally cured epoxy resin systems relative to their associated controls.

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  • Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering and Control of Production Systems
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Laminates and Composite Materials

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