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Support of Functional User Aspects of VFDMIS Design and Development during Fiscal Year 1982.

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Final rept. Sep 81-Sep 82,

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During the period from September 1981 thru September 1982, the General Research Corporations contract with the Department of the Army had the overall objective of supporting the design and development of the Vertical Force Development Management Information System VFDMIS. An additional objective was to support the design, development, and implementation of the Force Development Integrated Management System FORDIMS. This one-volume final report for FY 1982 a Summarizes work performed pursuant to the contract on the following 13 major contractual tasks some of which had several subtasks Task 1 Provide a Detailed Plan for Project Accomplishment 2 Assist in the Detailed Definition of the Functional User Requirements Stated in the VFDMIS Charter for Change CFC 3 Assist in Resolution of Problems Associated With Functional User Aspects of VFDMIS Data Base Design 4 Prepare a Working Draft of Volume I, Introduction and System Overview, of the VFDMIS Users Guide 5 Develop a Written and Oral Executive Summary of VFDMIS 6 Identify and Define Functional Requirements for the Interface of VFDMIS With Other Systems 7 Prepare a VFDMIS Deployment Plan 8 Prepare Engineering Change Proposals ECPs 9 Analyze Issues That Arise During VFDMIS Customer Incremental Design Reviews CIDRs and Recommend Solutions 10 Develop Responses to Questions of the VFDMIS System Designer Concerning the New Logical Functional Description NLFD 11 Review the New Logical Functional Description NLFD to Ensure That It Will Satisfy All Functional User Requirements 12 Participate in the Orientation of VFDMIS Functional Users at HQDA, MACOM, SUBCOM, and Installation Levels, as Required 13 Assist in Development of a VFDMIS PERT Chart, and b Where appropriate, describes additional work that will probably b required during the next fiscal year in order to

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