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High-Accuracy Distributed Sensor Time-Space-Position Information System for Captive-Carry Field Experiments.

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Operational EW test and evaluation experiments require that the position of the aircraft and other moving objects on the range be known precisely as a function of time. Terminal Time-Space-Position Information TSPI systems involve the range platforms interacting at close distances and therefore require precise trajectory information over a restricted volume of space. Terminal TSPI systems are used for tactics evaluation and the evaluation of simulated weapons firings e.g., captive-carry hardware-in-the-loop missile simulators. Distributed sensor TSPI systems consist of two or more measurement sensors located some distance from each other. Each sensor makes a measurement of target angle and range. Distributed sensor systems are more complex than single-point systems involving multiple hardware installations, complex mathematical computations to extract coordinate information, synchronization of multiple measurements and calibration of a number of different stations. This paper presents a novel distributed sensor TSPI architecture that provides precise positioning information of the target relative to a fixed inertial coordinate system. The architecture efficiently integrates the information from an inertial navigation system INS, a global positioning system GPS and any number of distributed RF sensors which may be located onboard a captive-carry aircraft. The significance of this work is that by knowing the targets position in a fixed inertial frame of reference derived from the integration process an evaluation can be made as to the effectiveness of any electronic attack or off-board decoys that might have been launched during the field test scenario. The induced INS, GPS and sensor noise and the corresponding errors due to the integration process are evaluated numerically as a function of the weapon system being used.

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  • Antimissile Defense Systems
  • Air Navigation and Guidance
  • Marine Engineering

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