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Fiber Reinforced Structures for Small Turbine Engine Fragment Containment (Phase II).

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This Phase II program developed two fiber reinforced structures for lightweight containment of turbine rotor failures. The first is a hybrid core sandwich panel capable of being used both as a part of the airframe or nacelle structure and as a containment panel, if required. The second is a collar or ring placed close to the turbine case wall of a turbofan, turboprop, or turboshaft engine. The program focused on the design of these structures to contain a 1 million in-lb. T-53 tri-hub rotor burst using the lowest weight containment structure possible. These goals were accomplished by sandwich panel and ring design tasks, test article fabrication, and spin pit testing. Design modification and subsequent testing developed an understanding of the relationship between reinforcement architecture, staticelastic behavior, and dynamicimpact behavior of the ring and panel. Additional spin pit testing was performed to evaluate changes in geometry and panel-to-panel joint designs. The hybrid panel structure is composed of facesheets connected by many rigid rods which penetrate a dry fabric laminate. The core was shown to be mechanically equivalent to typical aerospace grade honeycombs as well as effective in stopping high velocity fragments. Kevlar 29 Polybenzbisoxazole PBO fabrics were used to absorb fragment energies while graphiteepoxy was used as the structural material. For particular containment designs and fiber architectures, ply count thresholds were obtained which just contained the tri-hub rotor burst. This allowed comparison to determine how the architecture and fiber choice affected the performance. The program results indicate containment structure design characteristics to stop small rotor disk bursts, and these results can guide engine and airframe structure design to minimize the weightspace penalty for containment of internal turbine engine failures.

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  • Laminates and Composite Materials
  • Jet and Gas Turbine Engines

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