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Design Considerations for an On-Screen Keyboard.

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Final rept. Feb 93-Jan 95,

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This study tested evaluated 3 on-screen keyboard arrangements with indirect input devices. in this study, finger placement non-finger placement typists provided data for Stimulus Type word vs. non-words, input Devices mouse vs. arrow keys, Keyboard Arrangements i-row alphabetical, 3-row alphabetical, QWERTY. Data were collected on two movement tasks a typing task. in the typing task, the user typed a given Stimulus Type using one of the On- Screen Keyboard Arrangements input devices. The movement tasks served as controls for movement time in the typing task. The QWERTY keyboard arrangement resulted in thefastest overall input times was the most preferred arrangement overall. Analysis of the interaction between input Device Keyboard Arrangement for the unadjusted typing task times before removing movement time showed that when movement time was included, input times for the 1-Row Alphabetical were slower than the QWERTY for the Mouse condition whereas, within Arrow Key condition, input times for the 1-Row Alphabetical QWERIY were equivalent. This change in relative performance under the 1- Row Alphabetical arrangement for the Mouse condition can be simply attributed to movement time. After statistically removing the effects of movement time from the typing task, the I-Row Alphabetical arrangement was equivalent to the QWERTY for both input device. Conclusions suggest potential inefficiency of movement control when using the Mouse with the 1-Row Alphabetical arrangement Design which limit vertical movement of the indirect input device could provide more efficient movement time results with the 1-Row arrangement, thereby improving overall performance when using the 1-Row On-Screen Keyboard arrangement.

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  • Computer Hardware
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