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Engineering Drawing Transfer Test with the Air Force Ogden Air Logistics Center: MIL-D-28000 Class II (IGES). Quick Short Test Report.

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The 3D model graphics and the engineering drawing graphics 3D graphics represented on a drawing sheet transferred perfectly, however, the IGES files themselves did not conform to 28000 Class II, the Engineering Drawing Subset. The areas of non-conformance were 1 both files contained several unspecified Global Section parameters that 28000 does not allow to be defaulted, 2 neither file contained the proper Start Section information as required by 28000, and 3 neither file contained the CALS required Drawing and Drawing Property Entities. The first problem is attributed to the CAD system, however, the last two problems were the responsibility of and could have been corrected by the person both creating the drawing and pre-processing the IGES file. In the first instance, the inappropriately defaulted Global Section parameters, OO-ALC used the Auto-trol Series 7000 Revision 7.1 CAD system which did not provide OO-ALC with the ability to enter these required parameters. Auto-trol currently has newer versions Revision 8.0 or higher of its IGES translator on the market which provide a 28000 Class II pre-processing switch that not only allows the user to enter this required information, but also prompts for it. These latest revisions of Auto-trols pre-processor will also correct problem two, the missing Start Section information, by again prompting the user for the data. OO-ALC, however, should have entered this information manually for this test. Finally, OO-ALC could have corrected problem three by creating a CAD system drawing for each part, thereby creating an IGES Drawing Entity in each IGES file.

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