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Radiation Belt Analysis and Modeling.

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Final rept. Apr 90-May 95,

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Efforts have been conducted in modeling of radiation belts, and cosmic radiation, principally in connection with the CRRES mission. Statistical studies of solar particle events have been conducted in a search for predictors of the occurrence of geomagnetic storms. Certain spectral and temporal properties of protons and electrons were found to correlate with the occurrence of storms. Comparative studies of solar proton fluxes observed at locations inside using CRRES and GOES-7 and outside using INP-8 the inner magnetosphere were performed in an attempt to measure penetration of solar protons to various L shells as functions of time during a proton event and the subsequent magnetic storm. The failure to observe large increases in proton fluxes at the sudden commencement of the great magnetic storm of March, 1991, indicates a magnetospheric process was involved. An attempt was made to model the acceleration of radiation belt protons by magnetospheric compression during this event. The access of Helium into the inner magnetosphere was studied during this event. Modeling of instrument contamination and dosage were performed to enhance interpretation of measurements by the Proton Telescope and the Space Radiation Dosimeter. Support software packages developed include a science summary data base, a data processing system for the microelectronics package, and software to analyze measurements by the Low Energy Plasma Analyzer to produce a three dimensional plasma distribution function.

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  • Atmospheric Physics
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