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A Combat Identification Model for Netted Theater Air Defense Systems.

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An integrated Theater Air Defense TAD system must handle a variety of targets including Theater Ballistic Missiles TBMs, Cruise Missiles CMs and manned aircraft AC. It must destroy enemy targets without attacking friendly and neutral targets, especially manned AC. The process of deciding which targets should be attacked is called Combat Identification CID which includes cooperative Identification Friend or Foe IFF as a sub-case. Recently there has been considerable interest in netted TAD systems in which information on enemy targets and defense actions is passed from one defense system element to others. As a consequence, a defense sensor may have information available on a target that is better than or different from that which it obtains directly by its own measurements this information may include target ID. The defense elements must use the combination of internal and external information to decide on subsequent actions. There are several important cases where use of external ID information may significantly improve TAD performance. One of these is when one defense sensor detects the launch or take-off of an AC or CM providing ID by virtue of country of origin. If the target remains in track by at least one sensor at all times, its ID can be passed along. A second case is where a high quality sensor which can do non-cooperative ID but cannot engage the target passes its ID information to a lower quality sensor which can engage the target. This report presents a parametric model of how well the combat ID function can be performed in a netted TAD system. It does not assess the performance of particular ID techniques but rather assumes parametric values for this performance in terms of leakage mistaking an enemy for a friend and fratricide mistaking a friend or neutral for an enemy for an individual target. It uses statistical models to det

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