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EOSAEL (Electro-Optical Systems Atmospheric Effects Library) For Windows (Trade Name).

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The Electro-Optical Systems Atmospheric Effects Library EOSAEL is a state of the art computer library which describes atmospheric propagation in several wavelength regimes for the battlefield environment. The EOSAEL modules provide transmittance and radiance calculations through gases, natural aerosols, battlefield aerosols, smoke, haze, fog, and clouds for bandpass and laser propagation. The library consists of twenty-four FORTRAN codes which act fairly independently. Since the library was developed over time by many different people, each code tends to show the developers method of thinking. This means that each module has its own feel as to input stream, required input information, and, being FORTRAN, the formatting or method of data input varies from model to model. A single interface system is provided in EOSAEL for Windows which can present the model input requirements in a format understandable to the user, not the code developer. A single or common GUl Graphical User Interface type of interface has the added advantage of presenting a single, logical stream avoiding duplication if the same information is needed in multiple modules. An additional GUl utility for manipulation and display of output data is also provided. operating system which gives a common interface to hardware. Therefore, a developer for Windows develops applications and does not need to delve into different hardware problems. EOSAEL for Windows has graphical capabilities and ease of use understandable by most PC users since Windows use is so widespread.

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  • Atmospheric Physics
  • Computer Programming and Software
  • Electrooptical and Optoelectronic Devices

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