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The Development of Contoured Interlocking Tape Wound Titanium Rocket Motor Cases.

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The development of pressure vessels for use in solid fuel motor cases had reached a state in l96O wherein further progress was restricted by the lack of suitable high strength materials and limitations in methods of fabrication. Though the potentially high strength-to-weight ratio of fiber reinforced cases was recognized, the use of metallic cases offered certain advantages peculiar to metals alone. The application of metal wire or tape reinforcement in pressure vessels dates back at least a century. High tensile steel wire has been used as the banding materiel on certain rifles and guns, as well as on other hollow bodies. With the possible exception of one recent investigation no attempt has been made to utilize the transverse strength of wire or tape to support the axial stress in cylindrical pressure vessels. Previously vessels had been reinforced with wound profile strip which was shrunk onto the vessel while the strip was simultaneously quenched to high strength, putting the cylindrical portion of the vessel into compression. Though the tape was contoured and interlocked, it does not appear to support any of the axial load. The Curtiss-Wright proposed method provided a means whereby the transverse strength of severely cold reduced tape was utilized. The method simultaneously facilitated application of ultra high strength materials which might otherwise be diffIcult or impossible to use.

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