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Three-Dimensional Computer Graphics Visualization of Target Detection.

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Master's thesis,

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The purpose of this thesis is to visualize the sensor performance for a generic missile. We simulate the procesess perfomed by a missile using IR or TV sensors. Two generic scenes background were created, one for each generic sensor. The program simulates the scene from the point of view of a missile sensor. A graphical user interface was included for user input. These inputs provide the initial environmental conditions and the structural specifications of the sensor and the targets. Depending on these inputs, the sensor will show a detection and a lock-on range to the user. The detection range for the IR sensor was based on the intensity of the signal, above a specific threshold. For the TV system, target contrast was used. Atmospheric extinction was included. Several aspects of the SGI hardware and software capability were used to mimic physical problems and processes at considerable savings in computational effort. One was the use of the SGI Gouraud shading capability to establish the temperature distribution for IR targets a second was use of the hardware screen projection to map from 3-D to 2-D. For further work, this program can be integrated to the EOTDA Electro-optical Tactical Decision Aid software. The graphics part of the program was written by using OpenGL graphics library and the user interface was implemented by using OSFIMotif. The main program was implemented in C on Silicon Graphics Reality Engines. KAR P. 2

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  • Computer Programming and Software
  • Optical Detection and Detectors
  • Infrared Detection and Detectors

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