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Fibre Compatible Acousto-optic Modulator Using a Gradient Index Lens.

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Final technical rept. 9 Jan 93-31 Aug 94,

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We present the work carried out at the Optoelectronics Research Centre concerning acoustooptic modulators. The first part deals with theoretical studies concerning the design of fibre-compatible acoustooptic switcher- connectors. We explain how to build efficient AOMs according to the characteristics required for specific applications. The concept of modulators exhibiting a double curvature is proposed. The second part deals with the deposition and evaluation of sputtered ZnO thin films. This work highlights several new aspects concerning the sputtering of thin piezoelectric films. An in situ interferometric method used to measure both the film thickness and the depth resolved optical losses of the film is developed. We also investigate the real piezoelectric activity of sputtered ZnO films. In part III, we present experimental results obtained with the acoustooptic modulators we built. The main results are a diffraction efficiency in good agreement with the theoretical calculations, a broad frequency range of operation, low transduction losses, the ability to electrically match every type of transducer, and a phase modulation efficiency in optical fibres twice that which has already been published. We also propose new acoustooptic devices we will be able to build within the near future.

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  • Acoustooptic and Optoacoustic Devices

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