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Design And Testing Considerations For Hardening A Frigate Against EMP Threat.

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The new Canadian Patrol Frigates CPF integrate an extensive suite of electronic systems. If those systems were found to be vulnerable to the electromagnetic environment, the safety and mission of the ship would be jeopardized. One of the most severe threat is the EMP resulting from a nuclear detonation. Not only may this very intense field disrupt or permanently damage electronic systems, but its extensive coverage could also result in disruption of all unprotected platforms in a very wide area. It is a requirement that the CPF be adequately hardened against EMP. The hardening of the CPF against EMP was primarily based on analysis. Testing with a simulated EMP is the only means of verifying that the various protections incorporated into the design are indeed effective and that the contractor has delivered an EMP hardened system. In preparation of a possible EMP test of one of our frigates, DREO has investigated the potential use of the Dutch EMP test facility and has sent a team to participate in the testing of one of the Dutch new frigates. This report discusses various aspects of electromagnetic compatibility in general and EMP in particular on-board modern ships. Guidelines for preparing a test plan and difficulties which may be encountered during the test are discussed in detail.

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  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Electromagnetic Pulses
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