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Correlations Between Micromagnetic, Microstructural and Microchemical Properties in Ultrathin Epitaxial Magnetic Structures.

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Annual rept. 1 Jan-31 Dec 94,

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The proposed goal of this project is to obtain quantitative measurements of the microstructural, microchemical and micromagnetic properties of surfaces and interfaces of ultrathin films composed of magnetic materials deposited on non-magnetic, antiferromagnetic metal and insulating substrates. Surface microanalytic methods based on a unique ultrahigh-vacuum scanning transmission electron microscopescanning electron microscope UHV-STEMSEM equipped with in-situ thin film preparation and characterization tools are being used. Magnetic characterization is performed in-situ using the surface magneto-optical Kerr effect SMOKE. Additional magnetic microstructure measurements are being conducted in a novel STEM based electron holography system where absolutely calibrated nanometer resolution magnetometry is possible. The measurements are designed to clarify the relationship between observed real-space micro-structure of interfaces, ultrathin magnetic films and superlattices with magnetic properties, such as surface anisotropy. The dependence of magnetic properties on film morphology, which may be a function of the deposition parameters during the initial stages of growth, and on structural properties such as strain and interface roughness is being studied. We are exploring the electron beam modification of CaF2 and CoF2, both as an electron beam resist and as a damagable material for preferential nucleation, as a means of defining one and two dimensional nanometer sized epitaxial magnetic devices. Here, we report on our progress in year 2 of this 3 year project. AN

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  • Crystallography
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