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How DoD Wide ISO 9000 Registration Will Benefit the CIM Initiate.

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The CIM documentation techniques and requirements are all excellent analytic tools. These tools, while excellent do not address one primary issue the limited availability of validated information to use in our Business Process Improvement Program. A CIM team must spend an inordinate amount of time on site to obtain minimal information. Often, functional managers are not familiar with these documentation techniques which makes validation of the documented processes difficult. Without having documented procedures it is extremely difficult for a CIM team to identify similarities and differences in a function. This inhibits the ability to develop standard joint systems. While ISO does not stand for anything, it is an international standard for a quality assurance system. The primary objective of the CIM initiative is the re-engineering of business processes. The ISO 9000 standard will help achieve this objective. In order for a site to receive the registration all current procedures and policies must be documented using common language and formats as prescribed by ISO 9000. This is the key to the entire system. It assures the same process is followed consistently. It also requires continuous updates of the documentation. This is assured by follow up audits. The audit assures proper implementation of the standard at a site. In order to be registered in the U.S. a site must have an outside Registrar conduct the audit. To assure compliance with the procedures auditors will observe workers. Another technique auditors will use is to watch the employee perform a task or the auditor may ask the employee to explain the process. The auditor will then review the worker instruction manual to verify compliance and proper documentation. The following recommendations are presented for the consideration of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Director of Defense Information.

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