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A Demonstration of Client/Server Technology Using Remote Procedure Calls for an Application of File Migration for Moving Records Based on Location.

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ClientServer Computing is one of the newest technologies in distributed systems. It allows different computers to communicate and share resources. The idea is relatively simple however, the underlying factors make it difficult. This paper explores the use of remote procedure calls RPC to create a distributed, clientserver application. The presentation includes a discussion of RPC along with a simple application that introduce the reader to RPC. Finally, an application in the area of file migration is presented. The program is designed to receive a requested file from the user, it then accesses a file to find the location of the requested record and then the record is retrieved. For the purpose of the simulation the file is transferred when it is located in a different place than that of its owner. While this is not a complex file migration algorithm it lends itself to such applications as moving personnel records, dynamically, so that they reside in the same location as their owner in order to facilitate communication and reduce costs. Similarly, another application might involve having medical records follow a person from place to place. It is easy to see that clientserver computing has the potential to be powerful and tools such as remote procedure calls are essential to this technology.

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