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General Description of the Missile Systems Damage Assessment Code (MISDAC).

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A computer code MISDAC Missile Systems Damage Assessment Code has been developed by which the damaging effects of an exploding warhead or hitting projectiles against an antiship missile can be assessed. The code is largely based on two already existing computer codes, but has been substantially changed to make it also applicable against future threats for a ship. The damaging effects include structural or gross damage due to blast effects and damage due to a direct hit by the intercepting missile. MISDAC allows the damage assessment of any missile target and is not restricted to certain types of targets, such as envisioned in a former code MISVAC, where only three generic anti-ship missiles could be analysed. The outcome of MISDAC is suited to establish the final assessment of kill of the attacking antiship missiles, where a kill means that the missile or its debris will miss the ship. Many factors are influential, such as the distance to the ship when the missile is damaged the target-range-to-go, the type of manoeuvre it is performing dog-leg, weave etc., the flying altitude and the damage inflicted to the missiles flight-essential systems. To this end, use is made of advanced six-degrees-of-freedom 6-DOF calculations to determine the post-damage trajectory of the missile, which is performed by the code FLIPSIM Flight Path Simulation of Missiles. With these simulations, the actual size of the ship can be included, making the final probability of kill even dependent on the type of ship considered.

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  • Guided Missile Warheads and Fuzes
  • Explosions

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