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Creating a Real-Time Three Dimensional Display for the Janus Combat Modeler .

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Several training readiness deficiencies were noted during the mobilization of the National Guard roundout brigades in support of Desert Shield Storm. One of the areas was the brigade and battalion staff battlefield synchronization skills. National Guard Brigade armories are normally located throughout large geographic areas. Due to the cost and time required to bring all the units to a common training area, this training is conducted only once a year. The problem addressed in this research is to create a visualization tool capable of rendering the Janus combat modeler in a three dimensional environment using scripted files and real time data. The visualization tool must be networked via telephone modems to allow the brigade to conduct unit training while at their home station. The approach taken was first to design a directory structure that places the terrain files in unique locations that are accessible by the terrain conversion programs and the 3D visualization program. The next step was to create programs to convert the Janus terrain files. Construction of a three dimensional environment capable of displaying real-time information from Janus followed. The last step was to produce an interface for the modem communications and to display that information in real time in the virtual environment. The result is the creation of the Janus-3D visualizer capable of accurately depicting a Janus scenario running locally or from a remote site. This tool provides commanders with a three dimensional perspective of the battlefield, emplacement of the weapon systems and engagements during a battle.

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