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Future Technology-Driven Revolutions in Military Operations. Results of a Workshop

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Recent advances in technology have brought about dramatic changes in military operations, including the use of low-observable aircraft to negate air defenses, smart weapons for precision conventional-strike operations, and the employment of both ballistic missiles and antiballistic missiles in conventional warfare. Such technology breakthroughs will continue to occur in the future, just as they have in the past, and they will continue to bestow a military advantage on the first nation to develop and use them. It is important to the continued vitality and robustness of the U.S. defense posture for the Department of Defense DoD research and development RD community, and in particular the Advanced Research Projects Agency ARPA, to be on the leading edge of breakthrough technologies that could revolutionize future military operations. During October to December 1992, RAND conducted a workship for ARPA on Future Technology-Driven Revolutions in Military Operations. This documented briefing summarizes the results of that workshop. Five promising program areas as candidates for new ARPA research initiatives were indentified Very Small Systems micro and nano technologies Biomolecular Electronics The use of techniques from molecular biology and biotechnology to develop new molecular electronic materials, components, and computational architectures New Technologies for military Logistics Cyberspace Security and Safety, and Performance Enhancers for the Individual Soldier. This documented briefing provides details on all five of these candidate program areas.

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