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The Effect of Onset Rate on Aircraft Noise Annoyance. Volume 2. Rented Home Experiment

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Final rept. Nov 1990-Oct 1992

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This report presents the results of the second in a proposed sequence of studies to investigate human annoyance to noise from low-altitude military training route MTR flight operations. The sequence ranges from laboratory studies, in which the physical and social parameters are well controlled, but highly artificial, to field attitudinal surveys, in which these parameters are largely uncontrolled, but the setting is natural. In this second study, participants were exposed to recordings of MTR noise events in a rented home, in which the social setting and presentation of sound stimuli were more normal than in the previous laboratory experiments. In the laboratory study, it was found that MTR sounds having onset rates faster than 30 dBsecond caused annoyance beyond what would be expected from the corresponding sound exposure level SEL. The best fit to the data was found to be an onset rate adjustment to SEL, which has the form of a linear relation on a dB versus log rate scale, from dB at a rate of 30 dBsecond to 11 dB at 150 dBsecond. The rented home study confirmed the laboratory onset-rate adjustment, although the adjustment was found to begin at 15 dBsecond rather than at 30 dBsecond. In addition to re-examining the onset rate adjustment, the study also addressed the effect of the infrequency of occurrence and the irregularity of the stimuli on human reactions.

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  • Psychology
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