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Design of a Two Dimensional Planer Pressurized Air Labyrinth Seal Test Rig

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Master's thesis

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A two-dimensional planer labyrinth seal test rig was designed to operate with air supplied at 45 psig and temperatures up to 150 deg F. The rig operates with a manually specified test section pressure up to 30 psig yielding Mach numbers to 0.9 and gap Reynolds numbers to 100,000. The air flow rate through the seal will be controlled by setting inlet pressure and adjusting an outlet control valve. The test section measurements are 18 inches wide by 1.5 inches depth by 6 inches in length and provides for 101 large scale geometry seals to be used to facilitate measurements. Design maximum seal gap size is 0. 15 inches. The test section has a glass viewing port to allow flow field measurement by non-intrusive means such as Laser Doppler Velocimeter LDV with seals containing up to 5 sealing knives. Measurements of pressure, temperature and flow fields can also be simultaneously measured by probes inserted in the seal itself, or mounted on the removablereplaceable top plate. Inlet flow is conditioned through the use of a dump diffuser incorporating screens, honeycombs, expansion and contraction portions. The inlet flow to the test section can be modified from uniform to various non-uniform conditions by employing profile generators such as screens and winglets. A detailed mechanical design has been conducted including stress analysis and seal flow rate predictions. Dump Diffuser, Flow Modification, Laser Doppler Velocimeter, Labyrinth Seal, Leakage Prediction, Pressurized air

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  • Adhesives, Seals and Binders
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Jet and Gas Turbine Engines

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