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A Pilot Study to Determine the Thermal Protective Capability of Electrically Heated Clothing and Boot Inserts

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The Human Research and Engineering Directorate of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory conducted a pilot study to determine if the addition of electrically heated clothing components would enhance the thermal protectiveness of the extended cold weather clothing ECWCS ensemble. This study consisted of two separate sets of exposure trials. The first was a series of trials lasting 2 hours, and the second was a series of trials lasting 4 hours. Male soldiers were exposed to ambient air at -40 deg F -40 deg C at a sedentary activity level in a controlled cold chamber during all trials. The soldiers wore three different cold weather ensembles during the 2-hour exposure trials the ECWCS ensemble alone, the ECWCS with electrically heated glove and boot inserts Ensemble A, and the ECWCS with electrically heated glove liner and sock Ensemble B. Only Ensembles A and B were evaluated during the 4-hour exposure trials. During these trials, an electrically heated vest was used to supplement body heating in Ensemble A, and electrically heated underwear shirt and pants was used to supplement body heating in Ensemble B. The soldiers temperatures were monitored with thermistors placed on the tip of the middle finger, inside the large toes, and on the back below the scapula a rectal thermistor was inserted to a depth of 10 cm. These thermistors were hardwired to a data logger, and the temperatures were recorded at 5-minute intervals during each trial. Heated vest, Heated glove liners, Heated socks, heated boot inserts, Cold chamber, Thermistors, Heated body temperatures, Exposure trials, Heated gloves, Electrically heated clothing, Heated underwear, Body temperatures, Extended cold weather clothing system ECWCS.

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