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Development of Cost Estimating Relationships for Missile Engineering Manufacturing Development (EMD) Costs and Warship Fuel Consumption

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Master's thesis

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The purpose of this thesis is to develop estimating relationships for missile Engineering and Manufacturing Development EMD costs and warship fuel consumption to aid the Naval Center for Cost Analysis NCA in performing independent cost estimates for new weapons programs. Standard factors, which represent the percent that each cost element is typically allocated from the programs total funding, are currently used to predict whether missile EMD costs are roughly right. For fuel consumption, estimating relationships have only been developed for existing individual ship types. None have been developed which use pooled ship types to estimate fuel consumption of new ship types. Regression analysis was used to develop estimating relationships based on physical and technical characteristics. The cost estimating relationships CERs developed to predict missile EMD costs explained only about 34 percent of the variance. Due to the low explanatory power, no significant physical or technical factors could be determined. Even though the results are not statistically significant, the associated coefficients of variation are lower than the standard factor coefficients of variation. An estimating relationship with high explanatory power was developed to predict fuel consumption for new warships. Three significant physical and performance factors were determined steaming hours, age and full load displacement. For new ship types, steaming hours and full load displacement are the significant factors. Cost estimating relationships, Missile engineering manufacturing development EMD costs, Warship fuel consumption.

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