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Commercially Available Mares Regulators

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Test rept., Jan-Sep 1993

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Evaluations were conducted to determine which commercially available open-circuit SCUBA regulators were capable of meeting performance goat standards for Navy use. Bench testing of all candidate regulators was conducted to establish flow patterns and air delivery capacity. Unmanned testing using a breathing simulator at ventilation rates of 22.5, 40, 62.5, 75, and 90 Lmin at test depths of 0 to 60 msw 0 to 198 fsw, in 10 msw 33 fsw increments was conducted to determine work of breathing WOB values. Each candidate regulator mode was subjected to five runs each and a mean of the WOB was established by using a one sample T-test with a significance established at P0.05. This mean WOB value was then compared to the Performance Goat Standard of 1.37 Joules per Liter JL at 60 msw 198 fsw. Testing was conducted in ambient temperature water, approximately 21 deg C 70 deg F, with supply pressures of 10.34 and 3. 44 MPa 1500 and 500 psi. Manned testing was conducted in two phases to subjectively rate regulator performance as well as fit and function. Phase one consisted of dives in the Ocean Simulation Facility OSF to 58 msw 190 fsw and phase two consisted of open sea dives not to exceed 40 msw 130 fsw. Human factors data were collected and analyzed and were used as part of the acceptance criteria. All testing conducted determined that the MR-12 VOLTREX was capable, and that the MR-12 BETA was not capable, of meeting the requirements for acceptance by the US Navy. Open-circuit SCUBA regulators, Cold water open- circuit SCUBA regulators, Authorized For Navy Use ListANU List, Work of BreathingWOB, Respiratory Minute VolumeRMV, Performance goal standard.

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  • Submarine Engineering
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