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Eurocap Program-EBRE Station

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Final interim rept. no. 6, Sep-Dec 1992

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As a routine work, hourly vertical incidence ionograms have been obtained for the period covered by the EUROCAP program. The ARTIST output of the digisonde has been sent to Fort Monmouth regularly in 5 14 HD diskettes. In previous reports, the recording incidences and the involvement in the PRIME program have been reported. During the first week of December we participated in a rapid campaign of vertical sounding with soundings every 15 minutes. The reduction of the ionograms is almost finished. A new oblique sounding campaign with Dourbes has been done during the second week of December. The first ionograms are very good, but from the middle of the week on, we have some problems with the receiver of the digisonde. We realized that, usually, the reception of the oblique sounding ionograms seems to be better in Dourbes than in Roquetes. It seems that the cause of it is, on the one hand, that our oblique transmission is better than that of Dourbes. On the other hand, the receiving antennas of Dourbes are better than the Roquetes ones. We should change our receiving antennas to the Dourbes model. The performance of the digisonde has been satisfactory, although there are occasional failures whose cause has not been found yet. The collaboration with the Bulgarian colleagues on the quasi-two-day oscillations in the ionosphere is in progress. The apparent discrepancy of the results reported for St. Peter Ording and our results for other stations are becoming clarified. Next step is to find the propagation direction and speed of the wave. On 26-28 October the fourth Management Committee meeting of PRIME was held at Lannion. Twenty persons attended the meeting. At present 12 countries or Institutes have signed the MOU Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The next two PRIME meetings will be held in Graz 10-14 May 1993 and Trieste 15-18 October 1993.

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  • Atmospheric Physics
  • Radiofrequency Wave Propagation

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