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Development of a Water-Filled Conical Shock Tube for Shock Testing of Small Sonar Transducers by Simulation of the Test Conditions for the Heavyweight Test of MIL-S-901D (NAVY)

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Interim rept. 9 Sep 1983-1 Nov 1991

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A small conical shock tube is being used to provide an inexpensive alternative to standard explosive shock tests presently performed in open water at a commercial testing facility. The conical geometry was chosen because it represents a small solid angle segment of the spherically expanding field in open water. The charge required to produce a specified shock-wave pressure in open water is reduced by the solid angle. The test transducer is mounted to a piston located in a cylindrical chamber at the large end of the shock tube. The shock wave from the explosive propagates down the conical tube and strikes the transducer, producing the pressure shock. The expanding gas bubble from the explosive then accelerates the piston along its tube, resulting in an inertial shock. Extensive testing was performed to establish a proper breech design, and to determine the amount of water tests. A list of alternative pressure- measurement gages that were considered is discussed, and qualitative results are given. Pressure-shock waveforms and resulting displacements are presented for the shock tube and compared with similar measurements form open-water tests. Shock, Blast gage, Shock Tube, MIL-S-901D, Inertial shock, Shock pressure, Transducer, Measurements.

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  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment
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