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International Workshop on Millimeter Waves (1992) Held in Orvieto, Italy on April 22-24, 1992

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The main problems associated with packaging technique for microwave and millimeter integrated or monolithic circuits are the shielding effects, discontinuity and chip connections characterization. In this paper, a dynamic analysis, based on the three-dimensional integral equations technique associated with the method of moments is presented for the characterization of shielded discontinuity problems. It uses the three-dimensional Greens function for a general circuit distribution inside a shielded box. The theory of loaded scatterers is also used to take into account the effect of existing localized and distributed active devices or passive loads. Using this last theory, a virtual matched load is simulated, numerically, by introducing localized absorbing loads at circuit sections corresponding to output ports. Consequently, a scattering parameters extraction technique, based on the use of these matched terminations, is developed, and hence the S parameters of tile studied discontinuity are determined from the knowledge of only current or electric field maxima which are often accurately determined under good matching conditions. The shielding effects on a wide range of planar and three- dimensional discontinuities are given. One behaviour of a typical chip connection as a strip air bridge is also studied and the frequency dependent characteristics of these discontinuities are presented.

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  • Radiofrequency Wave Propagation

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