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Theater Army Command and Control System: An Evaluation of the Requirement and Proposed Solution

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The Theater ArmyArmy Component Command TAACC is a complex organization performing many diverse functions. Its specific organization is dependent upon its geographical location and on the desires of the Unified or Specified Commander-in-Chief to whose command it is assigned. The specific functions performed by the TAACC are also dependent upon these factors however, they are for the most part standard, varying only in the degree to which they are performed. The TAACC has a requirement for the real time or near-real time exchange of large amounts of information some of which is classified. This information is exchanged between the TAACCs own subordinate organizations, its headquarters staff, and with organizations external to it. In order to effectively exchange required information, and to coordinate the efforts of its diverse subordinate organizations, the TAACC requires a powerful, flexible command and control C2 system. Because the TAACC functions are primarily standardized, the C2 system which supports it should also be standardized. However, it should also be tailorable to support the unique requirements of each TAACC. This paper will show an analysis of the organization, functions, and C2 system requirements of a TAACC, and will set forth the characteristics and architecture for a strawman TAACC C2 system. It will then describe the Standard Theater Army Command and Control System STACCS , which is the system being developed by the Army for use within the Theater Army. The strawman will then be compared to STACCS, and recommendations will be made as necessary.

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