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Quantum Mechanical Approach to Understanding Microstructural and Mechanical Properties in Intermetallics

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Final rept. 1 Oct 1988-30 Sep 1991,

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The primary goal of the proposed research is to study and develop alloying concepts for understanding intermetallic alloys as derived from a first principles quantum mechanical approach. Thus, a major part of our effort will be to study and determine ductilizing effects of alloying elements in several intermetallic compounds and to work closely with experimental efforts to evaluate the applicability of the theoretical approach to alloy design. Specifically, highly precise all-electron quantum mechanical electronic structure methods will be applied to the study of a number of materials problems in order to obtain from first principles information of relevance to alloy stability and the design of structural materials. Using our recently developed state-of-the-art all-electron self-consistent total energy methods which give precise solutions of the local density equations, fundamental information will be sought about the structural and electronic properties of these alloys in order to predict stable and metastable phases and how alloying affects bonding, crystal ordering and crystal symmetry. The first principles approach used here will address questions of a metallurgical nature, such as phase stability, crystal structure, equilibrium lattice constants, and mechanical properties including the effect of atomic relaxation. The proposed research seeks to explore a new capability for modeling materials and their properties on the computer which have not yet been made in practice.

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  • Metallurgy and Metallography

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