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Growth, Nitrogen Vacancy Reduction and Solid Solution Formation in Cubic GaN Thin Films and the Subsequent Fabrication of Superlattice Structures Using AIN and InN

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Final technical rept. 1 Jun 1986-31 Dec 1991

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An atomic layer epitaxy deposition system configured for the growth of thin films of the III-V nitrides of Al, Ga and In has been designed, constructed and commissioned. The system allows the introduction of up to 16 gases without mixing. Self-terminating growth of crystalline GaN films has been achieved on single crystal wafers of 0001 alpha6H-SiC. Results of analyses via Auger spectroscopy, electron microscopy and electron diffraction are described. Deposition of A1N and GaN via gas-source MBE was also continued during this period. The principal emphasis concerned the initial stages of growth of both compounds on the substrates of 00001 alpha6H-SiC and 0001 sapphire, as determined using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. An initial layer of silicon nitride formed on the surface of SiC prior to the deposition of either nitride. The deposition of GaN on sapphire followed the Stranski- Krastanov mode of nucleation and growth, while on SiC, characteristics of three- dimensional growth were evident. By contrast, AlN grew initially in a layer-by- layer mode. Deposition of GaN on vicinal 100 Beta-SiC during UV irradiation resulted in the formation of a new 4H polytype of this material. Deposition of BN via gas-source MBE on Cu110 resulted in nanocrystalline cBN films grown on 111 Cu resulted in h-BN graphitic phase. Similar studies using Si100 substrates also resulted in the occurrence of cBN. The occurrence of the cubic polytype was enhanced while that of h-BN was discouraged with the use of the UV light at 400-500C. Gallium nitride, Aluminum nitride, Boron nitride, Atomic layer epitaxy, Layered structures, Transmission electron microscopy, Photoluminescence, Gas-source MBE, Laser ablation, Borazine.

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