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Laser Assisted CVD Growth of A1N and GaN

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Technical rept. 1 Aug 90-31 Jul 91,

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This is the second annual report of a project for investigating the laser induced CVD growth of AIN and Gallium Nitrogen. In the second year significant progress has been made in the growth of AIN. AIN films have been produced by laser ablation. A new LI CVD source for A1 atoms has been characterized and verified by growth of A1 films. Additionally, some progress has been made in the understanding and characterization of alkyl aluminum-amino adducts which may be used for the growth of AIN. The goal of this project is to design, test and verify advanced laser induced chemical vapor deposition processes LI-CVD, specifically for the growth of AlN. In the past year we have made progress in three areas a Rapid growth of AlN thin films by laser ablation of AlN powders. b Demonstration of an advanced LI-CVD method for deposition of Al from trimethylaluminum TMA1. This method was designed to be used as the aluminum atom source in AlN growth, but also has utility for laser deposition of aluminum interconnects, an area of current interest. c Synthesis and characterization of a number of stable alkyl aluminum-nitrogen containing adducts for future use in film growth. We have grown Alkylaluminum nitrogen thin films by laser ablation of powdered Alkylaluminum nitrogen compressed into a pellet.

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  • Organic Chemistry
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