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International Conference on Optical and Millimeter Wave Propagation and Scattering in the Atmosphere Held in Florence, Italy on 27-30 May 1986

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Partial contents Scintillation Theory An Elementary Derivation of the Saturation of Optical Scintillation Computations of the Effect of Atmospheric Turbulence on Laser Beam Propagation Two-Frequency Scintillation Two Color Correlation of Scintillations Imaging and Scintillation Speckle Interferometry and Speckle Imaging Scintillation on High- and Low-Elevation Satellite Propagation Paths Coherence Theory Classical Radiometry a Short Wavelength Limit for a General Mapping of Cross-Spectral Densities in Second- Order Coherence Theory Lidar Remote Sensing of Meteorological Parameters Effects of Atmospheric Transmission and Scattering Properties on Dial Measurements Surface Scattering Measurements on Multipath Propagation at 94 GHz over Snow Covered Terrain Nonlinear Effects Nonlinear Optics of Atmospheric Aerosol Interferometric Detection of Convective Instabilities Induced in Air by Energetic Beams Scintillation Coupled Mode theory of Propagation through the Turbulent Atmosphere Transmission The Role of Tropospheric Propagation in the Earth Space Telecommunication Systems at Millimeter Waves Remote Sensing Optical Remote Wind Measurement Using Speckle- Turbulence Interaction Remote Sensing of Wind by Electrooptic Phase Modulation of Atmospheric Emission Particle Scattering Effects of Multiple Scattering and non-Spherical Statistics in Discrete Random Media and Higher-Order Temporal Moments of Picosecond Optical Pulses in a Laboratory-Simulated Multiple Scattering Atmosphere.

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  • Atmospheric Physics

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