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International Workshop on: Hydrogen Migration and the Stability of Hydrogen Related Complexes in Crystalline Semiconductors Held in Federal Republic of Germany on 3-6 November 1991

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Content Hydrogen passivation of carbon acceptors in GaAs grown from metalorganic sources Raman spectroscopy of localized vibrational modes from carbon-hydrogen pairs in heavily carbon doped GaAs layers grown by metal organic vapor phase epitaxy H-enhanced oxygen diffusion in silicon Carbon-hydrogen complexes in gallium arsenide The hydrogen-carbon complex in silicon tunneling effect of electrons Hydrogen ion-implanted into crystalline silicon Hydrogen related complexes in neutron transmutation doped FZ silicon grown under hydrogen atmosphere Vibrations of hydrogen complexes in silicon Hydrogen neutralization of double acceptor centers in silicon Stability of hydrogen complexes in semi- insulating indium phosphide grown by the liquid encapsulated Czochralski method O-H and N-H complexes in semi-insulating gallium arsenide What did we learn from PAC experiments about hydrogen in semiconductors Structure, stability and internal dynamics of Cd-H complexes in semiconductors Structure and energy of interstitial hydrogen and hydrogen-related complexes in crystalline semiconductors Hydrogen in silicon aspects of solubility, diffusion and catalyzed enhanced oxygen diffusion The stability of hydrogen complexes in Si and GaAs Recent studies of hydrogen in silicon and III-V semiconductors and Multitrapping of atomic hydrogen in doped crystalline silicon.

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  • Physical Chemistry
  • Crystallography
  • Solid State Physics

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