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Korea to Kalimantan and Beyond: The Employment of United States Army Forces in Military Civic Action in the Pacific Command Area of Responsibility

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This study examines the employment of U.S. Army forces in Military Civic Action MCA in the Pacific Command PACOM Area of Responsibility AOR. The study evaluates the performance of U.S. Army forces in each of six countries where they were involved in the conduct of MCA. The evaluations are based on a review of the circumstances which existed at the outset of each MCA program dissection of the program itself and analysis of the reasons for its success or failure. Success or failure is defined in terms of the degree to which the MCA program aided the country in achieving internal stability. From the analysis of each of the six MCA programs, issues are raised which our national leaders must address in determining whether or not a proposed MCA program in a given country has a reasonable chance of accomplishing U.S. Security objectives in the country. Also, recommendations were made to our national leaders concerning the need to create a Total Army force structure with which to conduct MCA in the PACOM AOR. This force structure is an amalgam of existing force structures and, thereby is feasible given current budget constraints. The study concludes that MCA is a viable instrument of U.S. Army forces to conduct MCA in the PACOM AOR. This is a cost effective alternative to their employment in combat should instability threaten the existence of a friendly nation in the area. Keywords Army operations Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand.

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  • Military Operations, Strategy and Tactics

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