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Nonlinear Dynamics and Control of Flexible Structures

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Annual rept. Sep 1988-Aug 1989,

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Basic performance requirements for space-based directed energy weapons involve unprecedented requirements for integrated control of rapid retargeting and precision pointing of space structures. Multibody interactions excite nonlinear couplings which complicate the dynamic response. Attempts to reduce flexure response for such weapon platforms by passive techniques alone may be inadequate due to stringent pointing requirements. The principal objective of the research program is the validation and testing of high precision, nonlinear control of multibody systems with significant structural flexure where interactions arise due to rapid slewing. Dominant nonlinear couplings effecting LOS response have been identified based on a comprehensive model of the nonlinear multibody dynamics of a generic space weapon. The innovative approach to LOS slewingpointing developed in this study is based on implementation of decoupling by feedback control of the principal nonlinear dynamics and structural flexure response. In this study we have focused on the implementation of partial feedback linearization and decoupling and have identified practical conditions for its implementation. A principal contribution of the study is the reconciliation of design of discontinuous control via sliding mode control with partial feedback linearization for rapid slewing of system effective LOS. The report includes extensive simulation and tradeoff studies of nonlinear control implementation of rapid slewing and precision pointing of a generic model of a space-based laser beam expander. kt

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  • Space Warfare

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