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Biology of Midwater Fishes of the Bermuda Ocean Acre (Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology. Number 452),

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Four papers resulting from the Bermuda Ocean Acre program are included in this volume. The data are from 14 cruises conducted between October 1967 and June 1972 to sample the midwater fauna of a roughly one-degree square centered at 32 N, 64 W. The first paper presents information that is pertinent to the entire volume, as well as to any future papers nature and number of samples, kinds of gear, sampling strategy, treatment of samples, methods of analysis, explanation of terminology, and a general description of the oceanography of the study area. The other three papers present detailed treatment of the life histories and ecology of the species in three families of mesopelagic fishes Sternoptychidae, the marine hatchetfishes and related species, with 7 species in 4 genera Myctophidae, the lanternfishes, with 63 species in 18 genera and Melamphaidae, the so-called bigscales, with 15 species in 4 genera. When data are sufficient, the accounts include descriptions, analyses, and proposed explanations when appropriate of size ranges of the developmental stages, sex ratio, life cycle and seasonal abundance, vertical distribution of each growth stage, stage and size stratification, presence or absence of vertical migratory behavior, patchiness of distribution, and differences in day versus night catch rates. All three papers consider th partitioning of resources among species in the treated family. The species and samples of Myctophidae were subjected to factor and cluster analyses by season, and the results are discussed in detail. Keywords Marine biology. kt

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