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PLZT (Lead-Lathanium-Zirconium-Titanium) Electro-Optic Photographic System

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Technical rept. 14 Jul-31 Jul 1987

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The challenge of this effort was to develop and field a Lead- Lathanium-Zirconium-Titanium PLZT Electro-optic enhanced photographic system, for high speed photographic documentation of Thermal Radiation Sources TRS high explosive H.E. detonations. Operational design parameters of this system were to have a 6 f-stop dynamic range and pulse response of 100 micro-seconds or less. A prototype PLZT system was designedfabricated and laboratory tested with a wide variety of dynamic light sources that had substantially different spectral characteristics and radiant output. The prototype system performed satisfactorily for these test series and consequently a semi-hardened unit was fabricated for field use. The fabricated field unit was successfully tested with rocket propellant burns that simulated light intensities within the cameraPLZT systems field of view FOV. These test results provided the confidence that the system was ready for deployment to a large scale test site. The PLZT photographic system was fielded on Project MISTY PICTURE to record the total TRS burn at the 10 psi 69 Kpa overpressure environment. Several pre-vent TRS burns were recorded. These film records were analyzed and electronic adjustments were made to optimize the dynamic range of the PLZT system. The PLZT system was subsequently tested on the MISTY PICTURE event. Film analysis of the event shows that the system performed over its 6 f-stop range, allowing one camera to record the total TRS burn.

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  • Electrooptical and Optoelectronic Devices
  • Holography
  • Crystallography
  • Optics

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