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Enzyme Mini-Test for Field Identification of Leishmania Isolates from U.S. Military Personnel.

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Final rept. (Annual) 15 Mar 83-31 Mar 86,

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It is possible to identify Leishmania isolates by cellulose acetate electrophoresis CAE of up to 29 enzyme activities. Certain of these enzymes are polymorphic within a subspecies and therefore of limited value for identification others are monomorphic and have taxonomic significance. Once large numbers of isolates from various geographical areas have been characterized and monomorphic enzymes identified, a simple, rapid, accurate field type identification test can be devised. As the number of isolates studied from a particular geographical area increased so did the diversity of Leishmania subspecies therefore, to obtain an accurate estimate of the Leishmania fauna in an area many isolates must be idenified. The enzyme profile data from 400 isolates suggest that accurate CAE identification can be made from data of GPI, MPI and 6PGDH. The buffer and the stain components for these enzymes can be prepackaged, and data can be obtained from 1,000,000 Leishmania cells. A detailed short test for Leishmania identification by CAE was included for the enzymes GPI, MPI, 6PGDH. The test included supplies and equipment with purchasing information needed for CAE, cell preparation for CAE procedures, complete set-up and running information, controls and confirming procedures, sequence of enzymes to study and diagrams of GPI, MPI and 6PGDH enzyme data. Most Leishmania could be identified from data obtained from this test. Keywords Bioassay Electrophoresis.

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