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Effective Development of the Advanced Directional Shear Cell at Waterways Experimental Station,

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All the specified electronic control equipment has been delivered and set up together with the advanced DSC itself. Initial apparatus capability tests have been completed using pluviated samples of dense and loose Leighton Buzzard sand. It has now been decided to embark on an experimental research programme concurrently with initiating Dan Leavell of the WES Geotechnical Research Facility into the maintenance of the device, the preparation of samples and the testing of the same. There has been a 15 day visit by the principal investigator which substitutes for the two 5 day visits allowed for in the contract. This enabled an interim solution to the problem of strain measurement to be worked out and a thorough discussion of the testing program. Progress to date appears excellent. The only disappointment to date concerns the failure to obtain adequate strain measurements from the sample boundaries. The work is in an intermediate stage in which no firm research findings can be reported, but this is entirely as one would expect. Development of photographic strain measurement techniques continues and video recording is being tried. It has already proved valuable in allowing the generation of rupture layers to be studied. In parallel with this a brittle coating on the sample membrane has been introduced to allow rupture layer orientation to be recorded. There is further work to be done on strain measurement techniques. Tests to date have shown a consistent change in rupture layer orientation to Coulomb cyclic DSC tests currently being carried out at UCL show a similar change in a subsequent monotonic phase and should help to explain these results.

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