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The Optical Properties of Aerosols.

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Periodic rept. no. 1 May-Aug 87,

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This report focused on two points 1 interpretation of the experimental data now available on the scattering properties of single clusters 2 extension of our present formalism for the macroscopic optical constants of a dispersion of scatterers to the high-density limit. In view of the difficulty of handling small clusters such as those actually forming the aerosols, the experiments are performed by means of a microwave device using as a target an arrangement of spheres reproducing on an appropriately large scale the cluster of interest. As the refractive index is a function of the frequency, the raw results obtained in this way are appropriately scaled down to yield those for a microscopic cluster illuminated by infrared radiation. Presently there exist a few attempts to describe the optical constants of a high-density dispersion of scatterers based on statistical considerations to simulate the actual dispersion. Among these attempts the most interesting from a computational point of view is that of Varadan, Bringi and Varadan who use the quasi-crystalline approximation of Lax to get solvable equations. Our idea is to go beyond this approximation with the use of a more sophisticated kind of statistics.

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  • Physical Chemistry
  • Optics

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