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Description of a Limited VAX-Ada Program Support Environment Developed within UDP Division. Version 1.0,

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The DEC VAX-Ada product along with the VMS operating system provides many of the tools required to form a program support environment written, but many of these tools are not specifically designed for this purpose and lack many desirable configuration control and development facilities. The UDP Ada environment is a limited program support environment setup for use with the VAX-Ada compiler, it provides additional features which are not directly available from DECs VAX-Ada compiler or the AACS Ada Control System utility. The environment has its own directory structure databases and commands which should be used when developing Ada programs on the VAX. Ideally the tools used in a support environment for the Ada language should be written in Ada and contain an high degree of portability. However, since the DEC VAX-Ada compiler is only targeted for VAX machines the portability of the surrounding environment is not so critical. At present all the UDP command procedures are written in DCL Digital Command Language. The environment is therefore suitable for use on any VAX machine using the VMS operating system. This document describes how the UDP program support environment works, how it should be used and gives details of all the tools command procedures associated with it. Most of the information contained in this report can also be obtained by the use of the online help facility - UDP HELP.

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