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X-Ray Spectroscopy with Z-Pinch Neon Plasmas.

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Spatially resolved soft x ray spectra were collected for neon plasmas produced by imploding hollow annular gas puffs with MA level driving currents. the Z pinched imploded plasma were studied for different rise-time currents produced with or without the use of a plasma erosion opening switch PEOS. Selected spectrograms were processed and analyzed to obtain absolute energies for the radiation emitted in the Neon 1X and Ne X discrete transitions as well as for total emission over the spectral range 900-1600 eV. The energy radiated for typical shots with or without the PEOS is compared particularly for the predominant alpha transitions of both ions. Also, line widths for the alpha and beta transitions of both ions are determined. X-ray spectroscopy with established x-ray film calibrations and crystal responses has provided absolute intensities for neon K-shell x-rays from gas-jet implosions. Most 90 of the line radiation is contained in the He-alpha and L-alpha lines of neon. The ue of a PEOS to reduce the current risetime and eliminates prepulse produces spectra with less continuum background and with lines that are narrower by a factor of two. With the PEOS and 1-MA peak driving current, the total radiated energy from 900 to 1600 eV is 1.2 kJ with about 75 of this emission in line radiation. Without the PEOS and with 1.2 MA peak driving current, the total radiated energy in this energy region increases to 2.5 kJ, but only about 45 is in line radiation.

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  • Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particle Physics
  • Plasma Physics and Magnetohydrodynamics

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