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Studies of Phlebotomine Sand Flies.

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Annual rept. 31 Aug 80-31 May 81,

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Studies of phlebotomine sand flies from Guatemala showed that 13 out of 25 total species have not been previously reported from that country. A review of these species is given here. It includes illustrations and a description of a new species. Other new Lutzomyia sand flies were discovered in Mexico and Ecuador. A species group of Lutzomyia, the microps group. is created and a review of the included species, including two new forms, is provided. Scanning electron microscope studies on the egg structure of some Lutzomyia species from the U.S.A. were begun. Significant advances were made in the laboratory colonization of sand flies three species are being maintained in closed laboratory colonies and the biology of one species, L. anthophora, was studied in detail. A review of the North American Phlebotominae is in progress. Sand fly borne diseases, especially the various forms of leishmaniasis and arboviruses, continue to be important public health problems in many areas of the world. The vectors of leishmaniasis in most endemic countries have not been identified. Those that are proven vectors have been little studied in terms of their behavior and habits, thus making it difficult or impossible to develop control strategies.

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