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Version Description Document for the JOVIAL J73 Programming Support Library (PSL001 - Version B2.1).

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The materials released for this version delivery of the JOVIAL J73 Programming Support Library consist of one magnetic tape and three documents. The magnetic tape consists of eleven files. File 1 describes the JCL needed to read the rest of the files off the tape. File 2 contains all of the JOVIAL J73 and FORTRAN source code modules for the PSL. Test documentation for each PSL source module such as author, creation date, calling sequence, local and global data usage, and CALLCOPY trees is contained in file 3. Program Design Language PDL for each PSL source module is contained in file 4. File 5 consists of all TSO command procedures used to develop, maintain, and operate the PSL. Table 2-1 is a list of the member names and descriptions of each command procedure in this file. These were the procedures used to develop the PSL. File 6 contains all of the Assembler source modules for the PSL. The PSL load module is contained in file 7. File 8 contains of the JCL templates used by the PSL to submit batch compile, link, and execute jobs. File 9 contains command procedures needed to backup and restore a PSL Library. The PSL object modules are contained in file 10. File 11 contains the symbol tables for the JOVIAL J73 compools. Keywords Computer program documentation Computer programming.

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